Sibal War

by Assassination Squad

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released June 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Assassination Squad Chicago, Illinois

Ass Squad was formed in 2012 in Seoul, South Korea.
After relocating to Chicago in 2015, the band began a new phase. Current members of Assassination Squad are Dave, Eric, Jon, and Brandon.

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Track Name: Korean Punk Rock
We cummin get sum fkn dildos eat a bag if dicks
We got a double barreled shotgun aiming for the geeks
We pair of hairy balls hanging low and to the left
We got a public execution of your shitty band
This fucked up city breeds posers like a yeast infection
This fucked up nation is prime location for punk rock crucifixion

Daehanminguk Punk Rock Sibalnom!
대한민국펑크락 씨발놈!

We gonna dance the batussi into that stinky pussy
We spit the lube into the gash make it extra juicy
We overflow into that ass until it’s filled with creamy
We got kung fu grip shooting jizz Korean bukkake
Track Name: Know Your Rice
You don't have to turn on that red sauce tonight
You don't have to get explosive diarrhea shite
Don't need antacid pills from eating spicy meals
We got the cure for bubble guts fucking party with us

Land of the morning calm, not the land of the waygook
When in Seoul, you gotta live as Koreans do

Know you rice you fucking dildo
Better learn those chopsticks kiddo
Don't make your tummy sicko
Know your rice

You're fresh off the boat wet behind the ears
Welcome to the land of chili peppers and shitty beer
You're just a foreigner just a token hipster
You better eat your carbohydrates son it brings you salvation
Track Name: Sixty Days
Lick it and kick it and pick it up and go
I got a new job or so I've been told
I leave it all behind I say fuck this town
You ain't ever gonna see me around

I took highway 1 to Daegu City
Every night is fucking shitty
I got solitary life in a cell
Goddamn Satan sent me straight to hell

I shove a middle finger in your face
Send you home crying in disgrace
Buried alive for 60 days
Till I clawed my way out

I stimulate my flesh and bone
Right now I'm in the danger zone
I play my guitar fucking loud
And smash it on the ground

Fuck it and suck it I hate to see her go
I left her ass behind in the city of Seoul
My little barbie doll was on the pill
She was a hottie undressed to kill

I stumbled on that railroad train
Like a tattoo feel hardcore pain
Like an automatic weapon sprays
Like a broken guitar string
Track Name: Terms of Enrampagement
I was the baddest motherfucker in the Lonestar State
Deep in my heart filled to the top with hate
Rollin in my bang bus down 6th street
There's a lotta Texas girls to impregnate

Now I reload my guns blazing
In terms of enrampagement
I'm killing them with reckless abandonment

Moved out to Atlanta back to the East Coast
Tragedy and comedy at the Laughing Skull
My central nervous system burnt to toast
I Crawled into a bottle of booze soak

I'm back in Korea but I'm a foreigner
Hobak beer and pizza monster
With spikey hair and middle fingers
A hundred shitty bands to massacre

Though I walked through the valley of death last night
I was tough as nails and cold as ice
With nowhere to run and no place to hide
I thought to myself that I'm too young to die
Track Name: Three Weeks Sober
Last call for me
3 weeks sobriety
Gimme 치맥 fried, or gimme fucking suicide
Ball sweat and slime in the summertime
Jacking off alone, I'm laying in the prone
Yungi drinks beer till he pukes on the floor
Seokjin blows smoke out of his foxhole
I'm going crazy without that alcohol
And my hands are shaking I'm going through withdrawal
But Saturday night we're released to have some fun
The drinks are on me, you dildos
Fkn cum get sum
Track Name: Everybody is a Loser
Wasting your life at the pc bang
Those salad days you're living won't last very long
Hours on the internet staring cute dogs
Your free ride safe at home with your dad and mom

Everybody here is a fucking loser
You and you everybody but me
Your mom and your dad your entire family
Get ready for a life of misery
You're about to become your own worst enemy

Your bullshit major at university
Salary men they give good head from bended knee
Three years later you're gonna get married
Quit your band, shit out some kids and start the whole cycle again
Track Name: Phobia
When I was young my parents taught me some lessons
They taught me gays are evil possessed by satan
At Sunday school I listened to Korean sermon
The pastor said that queers are no better than vermin

Now that you’re old your mind is strong
We’ve got so much parental hate to overcome
Now that you’re old your mind is strong
Freedom from fear freedom from phobia

All my years of youth filled with lies of bigots
In my mind there's no safe harbor for prejudice
My incompatibility as a Christian servant
My decision to reject the beliefs of my parents
Track Name: Choke on it
I believe straightedge music is a cancer
We got the cure it a bottle of soju
I believe tough guy hardcore is a poison
We got the antidote it's a punk rock tune
Metal music is fucking nawesome
Cut that hair boy, cut that hair boy
Crust and grindcore is totally useless
Static distortion static and noise

We need a change we need to shout fuck everything

I got a message for the dirty hippie
No one likes your birkenstocks
Korea burn yourself alive
That's a lesson for the hobo in the park
Country music is total garbage
Fill steel guitars with C4
I believe that redneck bestiality is a professional redneck sport

I believe jesus freaks are psycho
Take the fucking bible and shove it up your ass
I ain't afraid of no fucking ghost Halloween themed monster mash
Track Name: Sibal War
1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a Sibal War
Fucking cum, cum get some dildos and fleshlights
That's what I'm talking about
Bubble butts cocks and cunts tranny fuck and suck
Jerk that head lubricated jelly shoot into the crowd
Circle pit don't mean shit we're going ass to mouth
Chosuns of anarchy prepare for world war 3

Fuck war Sibal War

Round 1, fight that fascist fuck throw that 1, 2 punch
Cause we don't give a fuck
Our number 1 enemy is standing right behind us
First rule is kill our enemies with that monster cock
Second rule is pull out before you go and bust a nut

Round 1 brown eye black and blue
Cock slap that big butt
Round number 2 dirty Sanchez throws a donkey punch
First rule of fuck club is don't talk shit to us
Second rule is pull out before you go and bust a nut
Track Name: Ghetto Cult
I wanna live I wanna get laid
But Jesus is watching when you masturbate
I won't bow down, I don't believe
In a system of belief based on slavery
I packed my bags I'm on the run
I gotta escape this insane asylum
I hit the road but I got caught
They dragged me kicking and screaming back to God

Ghetto life in a ghetto cult
Born into a lie but it ain't my fault
Ghetto cum they take the money and run
Fanatical Christian fundamentalism

Raised in a ghetto cult
(Our cups of Kool Aid overflow)

Pastor Lee moksanim
He's taking all our money going on spending spree
Write a check or break your neck
You can purchase elevation in God's good graces
At the retreat, Pastor Lee
Has established a cult of personality
Follow me, my flock of sheep
BMW payments don’t come cheap
Track Name: Booze on Busan
Me and Jru are playing with some bands way down south
It's just like Tennessee we pour Jack Daniels in our mouths
We got no bass guitar we drink that whiskey at the bar
Booze on Busan till I'm fucking drunk

Ian Tim and Jason Canuck are alcoholic cunts
Chad and Cliff and Matt show up late with Nick Bisquits
Sean and Bialy dropping hardcore beats, don't interrupt

Watch the ships sail out drink 151
Booze on Busan till I'm fucking drunk

It's my first and last gig away from the city that I love
And no one likes our set but at least we got fucked up
Irish coffee omelette and rice we eat breakfast
Track Name: Bang Bang
When I met Gina she was modeling
My barbie girl was untalented
So much lacked in personality
The conversations were not interesting
She moved in like a ninja would
She made me dinner sometimes it was good
We watched dramas in my living room
Then I told her that we were through

She was so damn fine
She had a cretin mind
Call me crazy but I called it quits
Bang bang bang and they're all dead
(I was out of my mind
But she was so damn fine
Call me crazy but I called it quits
Bang bang bang and they're all dead)
And her battle cry
Me love you long time
Bad relationship aborted, bang bang

I went out with Sophie she was studying
My little bookworm from 이대
We talked all night till the early morn
Looking at her made my eyes sore
Then I met a girl from HBC
She was doing stand up comedy
But she was nervously breaking down
Now she's in a padded room downtown
Track Name: Suicide Kings
In the middle of the night my friend took his own life
He Jumped from the bridge into the river and just like that he's gone
No drinks left to raise no lyrics left to sing along
His daddy lost his job then he converted to a monk
His mother was abandoned he had nowhere to run
Depression sinking in hopeless and heartbroken

Remember the words in this tragic verse
Take care of your friends at their worst

Now I bring to light we're number 1 in suicide
But we never talk about it because of national pride
The youth are in a crisis but that fact you deny
And now we all bear the blame
And we oughta be ashamed
The older generations they gotta change their stubborn ways
Fed up with a hyprocrite old Lecture bout Responsibility

In the middle of the night I got the call that my friend died
I drank a fifth of whiskey held my head in my hands and cried
Fallout from mass layoffs ten thousand ruined lives
At the memorial in September we gathered to remember
We raised our drinks in honor of our fallen comrade there
This shit is too damn heavy almost too much to bear
Track Name: Circle Pit
Steel toed boots you be a punk at the rock star hagwon grab your junk
Flip the bird learn to fist pump shake your rump high kicks and jumps
Pay that school 1 million won learn those moves go on, my son
Let’s tough fists, go round to round we came here to shut you down

Everybody quit your college the circle pit will give you knowledge
Tartan pants and straps for bondage hold a straightedge kid for hostage

Gorillas locked up in a zoo you wannabe 90’s hardcore youth crew
Sausage parties what a bore import copy from new york
Orthodoxy that’s for sure obsessed with clean and good and pure
Why spend your college days a monk have some fucking filthy fun
Track Name: Staring Contest
On that subway train i’m an alien
There's a game I play created in America
Lock eyes with an ajeossi beat the old man in one round
Don't blink or you lose, whitey round eye don't you get psyched out

In 2003 I moved here to Seoul
My own business I minded my own
But these crusty old men keep mad doggin me
What you looking at? I am not a freak

Three two one zero
Staring contest here we go

On that subway train i’m an alien
There's a game I play created in America
Lock eyes with an ajeossi beat the old man in one round
Don't blink or you lose, whitey round eye gets psyched out

Take a picture old man it will last longer
With each staring match I get stronger
Though this behavior that borders on absurd
I’m the heavyweight champion of world

I came up with a game changer
I turned the tables like a gangster
Cause it takes two to tango honestly
This guy ain't no match for me
Track Name: Macho Man
Back in middle school his ass got beat
He ran crying up and down that street
Chased by bullies through the halls
Hiding on a toilet in a bathroom stall
anonymity no witness protection
And his daddy didn't show him any affection
Sad boy lonely no girls will call him
No DVD room no McLovin

My frontman is the macho man Randy Savage
Hardcore Henry Rollins album Damaged
He's a fan of Madball from New York City
Anabolic steroids before weight lifting

University life at the gym
Drinking protein and pumping iron
To freshman boys he showed no mercy
In a baseball cap and a basketball jersey
Now he's a iron tough guy like moritomo
In the bathroom mirror takes a shirtless photo
He's gonna show the world his muscle mass
A sad little boy with a pathetic six pack
Track Name: Hobak Woman
Three two one night stand all fours
Cigarette smoke out the back door
Boredom monotony of coupling
I don’t hate the game I hate how I play

I fuck around (fuck around) live in disgrace (live in disgrace)
Wash and scrub my cheating ass back at my place

My rock hard solid alibi
partner in crime I locked in tight
My ball and chain suspecting me
Deep down I know that I'm guilty

My hobak woman she's blowing up my phone
I swear that weak reception makes conversation impossible
Track Name: Valley of Death
My new place a prison cell on California Street
Funny how insult is added to (injure me) injury
5:30 wake up for a twelve hour day
Another lonely Walk past a Guitar that I don't play

I moved to the valley of death last night
My friends all say it'll be alright - total bullshit
I ain't gonna get laid no more
No more punk rock or hardcore - total bullshit

With my anger accumulating with frustration
An Inverse relation to my lack of motivation
I seem to turn into much a bigger asshole
Every time I drive past Mount Namsan Castle

I took a trip back to DC
Got some pizza on M Street
Went to a show with Anna Lee
Bitched to my friends and family